Commercial parasail operations


When this regulation was adopted, the Association of Parasail Operators (PAPO) was the body that provided oversight of the commercial parasailing industry. Since then, this organization disbanded and their duties were assumed by the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA).

Additionally, some standards and wording have been changed by the WSIA.

Staff is considering the following to address this issue:

  • Change the current regulation to read WSIA rather than PAPO
  • Change reference from Coast Guard approved Type I, II, and III inherently buoyant, non-inflatable to simply, Coast Guard approved wearable device, non-inflatable that is in good and serviceable condition.
  • Change the requirement to trim the bitter end of the towline from every seven days or 400 flights, to 100 flights.
  • Change towline length requirements when there is wind having an onshore component formula, to simply any onshore wind component would require a towline length of 1500 feet.

(posted 2/11/2014)

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