Feral hogs


Feral hogs are classified in DGIF regulation section 4VAC15-20-160 as a nuisance species, and are referenced in Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulation section 2VAC5-141-0 within the description of commercial and non-commercial swine. Domestic swine are defined in DGIF regulation section 4VAC15-20-50 and as livestock in agriculture code (§ 3.2-5400 of the Code of Virginia). However, there is no legal definition stating the identity of feral hogs from that of a domestic hog or domestic swine. Both belong to the genus, species Sus scrofa. The unintended consequence of these various codes and regulations without a clear definition of feral hogs makes it difficult for the public to effectively eradicate feral hogs and mitigate landowner conflicts and litigation.

Staff is considering the following to address this issue:

  • Define in DGIF regulation, a feral hog is any hog that is roaming freely, living on its own in the wild and that cannot be claimed and identified by an owner.

(posted 2/11/2014)

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