Clarify and update regulations and methods to take nongame fish


There are a number of regulations for older, traditional methods to take nongame fish (like trot lines, jugs, bow and arrow, etc.) that periodically need to be re-evaluated to see if these regulations should be edited, updated, or eliminated to properly manage and protect fish populations and the diversity of angling opportunities.

Staff is considering the following to address this issue:

  • Add several streams to the current list where seines, traps and nets are prohibited from being used to harvest fish. The proposed change would protect the Tennessee Dace from overharvest and prevent introductions of this fish outside its native range. Tennessee Dace are popular as bait fish because of their bright colors and ease of collection.
  • Eliminate the regulation which authorizes persons to shoot nongame fish with a rifle, during the hours of sunrise to sunset, from April 15 to May 31, in the Clinch River in Scott County. Surveys indicate that this traditional activity has a rather small clientele and is on the decline. Safety and biological considerations warrant removal of this harvest method for non-game fish.
  • Untended and abandoned limb lines have been identified as a potential hazard to individuals using our public waterways. Current regulations require that lines be marked and checked daily while being fished but do not specifically require removal when not in use. Staff is looking at options that would require removal of the lines/hooks when not being use.

(posted 2/11/2014)

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