Rules for Submitting Comments On This Website

During the DGIF Proposed Regulations Public Comment Period, anyone may submit via this online system, in accordance with the rules below, comments on the regulation amendments that the Virginia Board of Game and Inland Fisheries ("the Board") has proposed.

Rules for Submitting Comments Via this System

Please restrict your comments to the issues addressed by the proposed regulation amendments. Please note that this online system is intended and structured for receiving citizens' comments made on the regulation amendments recently proposed by the Board. It is not designed to solicit or receive additional recommendations or proposals, or receive comment on other matters.

Please restrict your comments to issues governed or governable by regulation. The Board regulates matters pertaining to game wildlife, hunting, trapping, inland fisheries and fishing, wildlife diversity, and boating in Virginia. However, within these subject areas many aspects are governed by the Virginia General Assembly through laws, and not by regulation. See the current regulations controlled by the Board and administered by DGIF here. See the current state law, Title 29.1 of the Code of Virginia, "Game, Inland Fisheries, and Boating."

If you would like to withdraw your comment after you have submitted it, or if you have questions or complaints, please contact the DGIF webmaster or DGIF regulatory coordinator.

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