Proposed Regulation Amendment

4VAC15-240-40. Game: Turkey. Open season; spring season for bearded turkeys.


The proposal is to (i) change the number of days following the opening day of the Spring gobbler season from 30 consecutive hunting days to 35 days (ii) change the number of days when hunting hours are restricted to mornings from 19 hunting days to 23 days and (iii) change the number of days when all day hunting is allowed from the last 12 hunting days to the last 13 days.

Text of Regulation


Legislation passed by the 2014 General Assembly allows hunting on Sundays in Virginia effective July 1, 2014, under provisions specified in Code of Virginia §29.1- 521. The regulation amendment will change the spring turkey season dates to include Sundays within the current season structure, i.e. the season will begin on a Saturday and run 35 days and close on a Saturday. This change will pick up five Sundays within the spring season outside dates.

Survey respondents that did not use their apprentice license stated a lack of desire to go hunting and time restrictions were important reasons. Therefore, increasing opportunity and designating a "special" day may increase excitement and participation.

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