Proposed Regulation Amendment

4VAC15-90-10. Game: Deer. Open season; generally.


The proposal is to (i) change the number of days following the opening day of the two-week western firearms deer season from 12 consecutive hunting days to 14 days, (ii) change the number of days following the opening day of the four-week firearms deer season from 24 consecutive hunting days to 28 days, and (iii) start the late antlerless firearms deer season in Northern Virginia on the Sunday following the first Saturday in January and end it on the last Sunday in March.

Text of Regulation


Legislation passed by the 2014 General Assembly allows hunting on Sundays in Virginia effective July 1, 2014, under provisions specified in Code of Virginia §29.1- 521. The recommended changes incorporate Sunday hunting into the firearms deer seasons. The two, four, and seven week firearms deer seasons will continue to end on a Saturday to maintain consistency between either-sex deer hunting day regulations on public and private lands within individual counties.

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