Proposed Regulation Amendment

4VAC15-80-10. Game: Crows. Open Season.


The proposal is to (i) remove Mondays as a day to hunt crows and add Sundays, and (ii) change the ending day of the season from the third Saturday to the third Friday in March.

Text of Regulation


Crows are considered migratory birds and therefore guidelines, or frameworks, for hunting crows are established by Federal Regulations. These Federal Regulations (50 CFR Part 20.133) allow crows to be hunted for a total of 124 days. The current regulation in Virginia spreads the allowable 124 days out over an expanded season from August through March. Legislation passed by the 2014 General Assembly allows hunting on Sundays in Virginia effective July 1, 2014. This proposal would maintain the same crow hunting season structure and number of days (124), but would substitute Sundays for Mondays as allowable days for hunting crows. This proposal also ends the season one day earlier than the current regulation, on the third Friday in March rather than the third Saturday in March, so that the total number of days in the season does not exceed 124 in any year.

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