Proposed Regulation Amendment

4VAC15-50-12. Game: Bear. Youth and apprentice hunter bear hunting day.


The proposal is to create a new youth and apprentice hunter bear hunting day statewide on the last Saturday in September with hounds being allowed in areas where there is an existing concurrent bear hound-training season.

Text of Regulation


There is public interest in establishing a youth and apprentice bear hunting day statewide. The Board proposed establishing this opportunity to gain additional public input on the issue. The bear youth and apprentice day would fall on the same day as the deer youth day, which is the final Saturday of the traditional bear hound-training season. Because of this overlap, in areas where there is an existing concurrent bear hound training season, youth or apprentice hunters could use dogs to take a bear. Dogs would not be allowed in all areas of Virginia that do not have a concurrent bear hound training season open on this day.

This special season would meet the Black Bear Management Plan goals of adding additional and diverse recreational opportunities as well as promoting interest in the hunting of bears by new hunters.

Note: because this overlaps with the youth deer hunting day, all hunters will be required to wear blaze orange unless exempt by law.

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