Proposed Regulation Amendment

4VAC15-40-240. Game: In General. Animal population control.


The proposal is to allow the taking of designated game species and fur-bearing species on special permits (i) during closed seasons and (ii) with any type of lawful weapon.

Text of Regulation


A Department committee reviewing site-specific deer programs (e.g., DMAP, kill-permits) recommended that this regulation be amended to more explicitly state the exceptions under which game animals may be taken by hunters participating in special animal control programs. The Deer Population Control Program (DPOP) is primarily used on parks and other public lands for managed hunts. It is often beneficial to hold these hunts outside of existing hunting seasons to avoid conflicts with other park users or adjacent landowners. It is also sometimes useful to use weapons not permitted in the particular season during which the hunt is held (e.g., shotguns during an archery season or rifles during a muzzleloading season) to enhance effectiveness.

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