Proposed Regulation Amendment

4VAC15-40-221. Game: In General. Restricted use of traps near exposed carcasses and animal parts.


The proposal is to make it unlawful to intentionally set traps within 50 feet of exposed animal carcasses or parts. Concealment requirements and definitions of animal parts are also provided.

Text of Regulation


Trapping near exposed animal carcasses and visible bait is known to increase the risk of incidental capture of non-target species, especially avian scavengers. Fur trapping seasons generally coincide with periods when natural prey is limited and avian scavengers are most dependent on carrion. Bald and golden eagles are particularly susceptible to non-target capture in traps set near exposed bait. Recent research suggests that incidences of non-target captures of golden eagles in foothold traps set near exposed bait may be sufficient to have population impacts. This proposed regulation should greatly reduce the probability of incidental captures of avian scavengers while still providing opportunities for trappers to trap within a reasonable distance to animal carcasses and visible bait.

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