Proposed Regulation Amendment

4VAC15-20-65. Definitions and Miscellaneous: In General. Hunting, trapping, and fishing license and permit fees.


The proposal is to create a one-day nonresident trip fishing license at a fee of $7.00 and to reduce the fee of the Permit to Fish for One Day at Board-Designated Stocked Trout Fishing Areas with Daily Use Fees from $8.00 to $7.00.

Text of Regulation


House Bill 2184 (2013) vested authority in the Board to determine the length of time that hunting and fishing trip licenses will be valid. These timeframes had previously been set in Code (3 days hunting, 5 days fishing). The Department is determining how to best utilize this new authority overall and will likely make further proposals in the future; however, it was understood during the legislative process that a one-day nonresident fishing license proposed in House Bill 1413 would be considered and the Department believes the creation of such a trip license to be advantageous at the current time.

The fee associated with the permit to fish for one day at Board-designated stocked trout fishing areas with daily use fees was increased in 2011 from $5.50 to the current $8.00 (it had been last increased in 2007 from $3.50 to $5.50). This fee applies at Douthat Lake, Clinch Mountain and Crooked Creek fee fishing areas. Participation at these areas has declined since the fee increase and has ultimately resulted in an overall revenue decrease as compared to before the increase. Staff believes that reducing the fee from the current level will help encourage participation and thus greater opportunities for constituents and increased revenue for the Department.

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