Light Goose Conservation Order Season Registration

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The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is offering an extended hunting season for snow geese this year, in addition to the regular snow goose hunting season that has been offered in the past. This opportunity is available because of recent changes in Federal Regulations that are aimed at increasing the harvest of light geese (Greater and Lesser Snow Geese, and Ross's Geese). In order to offer this season in Virginia, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service is requiring us to collect information on hunter participation and harvest during this season. Therefore, hunters planning to participate in the Light Goose Conservation Order season must register by providing the information requested below. There is no cost or fee for this registration, however, hunters are required to complete and return the Harvest Survey within two weeks after the close of the season, whether they hunted or not.

Note: Hunters do not need to register to participate in the general light goose (snow goose) hunting season (October 17, 2016 – January 31, 2017); they only need to register if they plan to participate in the extended Light Goose Conservation Order season (February 1 – April 5, 2017).

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