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Virginia Wildlife Music CD.

Virginia Wildlife Music CD

Virginia Wildlife is excited to offer a compelling and lively array of classic Celtic and Appalachian music that celebrates Virginia’s wildlife and natural resources. This musical journey is composed and performed by Timothy Seaman, of Williamsburg, Va., along with guest appearances from other musical masters.

1. Bobcat in the Mountain Laurel (trad. Scot.) At Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area (WMA) are deep forests full of intriguing wildlife. Thanks to Alisdair Fraser for the tune in The Road North, Star of the County Down (trad. Scots-Irish), The Osprey Returns (flute improvisation --- © T. Seaman)

2. Cumberland Gap (trad.Am.) Daniel Boone’s gap at the junction of Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee is home to the drumming logs of many Ruffed Grouse. Red-Tailed Hawks swoop through on their yearly pilgrimages.

3. Who’s Awake? Me Too! (© T. Seaman) For Dick Cross WMA. The nocturnal owl here greets the morning, as does the diurnal quail. The tune is based on the two birds’ calls, in Joe Weed’s manner in Waltz of the Whippoorwill.

4. Virginia Rail Reel (© T. Seaman), Ducks on the Pond (trad.Am.) Thanks to Dwight Diller for the tune, Old Blue (trad.Am.) in honor of the many faithful hunting dogs throughout Virginia!

5. Great Blue Heron (Jesus Calms the Sea --- © P. Skeens) For Princess Anne WMA.

6. Little Brown Bats Eating Mosquitos (© T. Seaman) In honor of Virginia’s Non-Game Wildlife Tax Checkoff.

7. Mairie’s Wedding (trad. Scot.) For the colorful scorpion-like spider in Short Pump,VA, who perched on the microphone while I played flute for the bride’s processional at an outdoor wedding --- then he hopped onto my cheek for the final part, somehow knowing I was helpless to brush him away!

8. The Butterfly (trad. Ir.), Swallowtail Jig (trad. Ir.) In honor of Virginia Habitat Partners, Virginia Ctenucha Moth (© T. Seaman)

9. Bass Fisherman’s Reel (trad. Eng.) For Briery Creek WMA, Falls of Richmond (trad.Am.) Thanks to Dwight for the tune, Crawdad (trad.Am.) “You get a line and I’ll get a pole, honey --- we’ll go down to the crawdad hole!”

10. Cockles and Mussels (J.Yorkston, 1884) Thanks to John Gary for his moving version of this piece in the 1960’s.

11. Baldcypress Swamp (© T. Seaman)

12. Turkey in the Straw (trad.Am.)

13. The Bear (trad. Flemish), The Raccoon (drum circle improvisation --- © T. Seaman), The Fox (trad. Eng.), Spring in the Gap (© T. Seaman 1997).

14. Deer of the Dawn (© T. Seaman) An improvisation depicting the moments before daybreak at Highland WMA. The title is taken from the heading of Psalm 22.

15. Heavenly Dove (trad. Am.), Feathered Dove (Solitude in the Grove — trad.Am.) For Amelia WMA. Both of these old folk hymns have words referring to the Mourning Dove: Isaac Watts’“Come,Holy Spirit, heavenly dove” and “O were I like the feathered dove and innocent had wings,” the latter taken from Psalm 55:6.

16. Eagles’ Wings (Lancaster — trad.Am.) This folk hymn bears words by Wesley about the wonder of Heaven: “O glorious hope of perfect love!…It bears on eagles’wings.” To the memory of pianists Arthur Rubinstein and Glenn Gould.

17. Largo from Symphony 9 “From the New World” (A. Dvorak, 1893)

18. The Cuckoo’s Nest (trad.Am.), Redwing (K. Mills, 1907), Mockingbird (R.Milburn, 1855).

(Total Time 66:32)

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